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What happens just after death?

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What Happens After Death - Telling the TruthWhat happens after death depends on a single choice that you make during your life. You can make that choice right up to the end, just before your last breath

What Happens When Someone Dies? | National Institute onJan 2, 2021 — Some parts of the body may become darker or blue-colored. Breathing and heart rates may slow. In fact, there may be times when the person's breathing becomes abnormal, known as Cheyne-Stokes breathing. Some people hear a death rattle, noisy breathing that makes a gurgling or rattling soundWhat happens immediately after a death? | Sue RyderOnce the death has been verified, if there is a mortuary at the hospice or hospital, the person's body may be moved to the mortuary, or if there is no mortuary on site 

What happens after a person dies? | The United MethodistThroughout history, people have wondered what happens immediately after death. While we may want a clear cut answer, United Methodists do not provide one 

What Physically Happens to Your Body Right After DeathAt Hour 1. At the moment of death, all of the muscles in the body relax, a state called primary flaccidity.3 Dying explained: What happens as we die?Aug 20, 2019 — Both will eventually happen when someone dies, it's just a matter of what happens first. Brain death is less common, and occurs after the brain 

What comes after death? 6 people who've come back from theSep 15, 2018 — I am still afraid to die, but I'm not worried about what happens after that." "I just remember being on the pavement and things slowly going Life after death: Scientist explains what ACTUALLY happensJan 19, 2021 — Life after death: Scientist explains what ACTUALLY happens when you but more likely the brain just scanning itself as a survival technique

Six people who 'came back from the dead' reveal what reallyJul 16, 2018 — An unanticipated problem was encountered, check back soon and try I am still afraid to die, but I'm not worried about what happens after thatIs There Life After Death? | The New York Academy of SciencesSep 30, 2019 — This happens in a small fraction of the cases where people are declared dead. For millennia death was considered an irreversible event and 

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