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Why are some newspapers pink?

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Why are newspapers like The Economic Times, FinancialJan 9, 2015 — It seems that ET being printed on salmon pink paper was inspired by the London based newspaper Financial Times which was established in 1888. The specific 

Pink Paper - WikipediaThe Pink Paper was a UK publication covering gay and lesbian issues published by Millivres Prowler Limited. Founded in 1987 as a newspaper, it switched to What is the meaning of four colour dots in the Newspaper?Mar 12, 2020 — Have you ever noticed while reading the newspaper that there are four colour dots below the pages of the newspaper? M = Magenta (pink)

Why the Financial Times is pink — QuartzJul 23, 2015 — It was not the first newspaper in London to try this trick. Years earlier, the Sporting Times had gone pink to differentiate itself from rivals

Why is the Financial Times pink? | Notes and QueriesWhy is the Financial Times pink? Gillian Scaife, Edinburgh UK. In 1893, the FT first began printing on pink paper to distinguish it from its main rival, the Paper in the pink - SKF EvolutionA complex logistics system ensures that the pink paper that is distinctive to story is the Financial Times (FT), one of the world's leading business newspapers, 

Salmon pink newsprint is here! - Newspaper ClubNov 15, 2016 — There's some debate about whether it's a true pink or, as the Pantone Color Institute suggests, more of a "bisque". No matter what you call it, the Why is the Financial Times pink? - Ask FunTriviaWhy is the Financial Times pink - trivia question /questions answer / answers. The pink color was kept as a self advertising feature that made the newspaper 

The Financial Times newspaper is pink because of Cornwall'sAug 8, 2020 — The Financial Times newspaper is pink because of Cornwall's China clay. It is linked to china clay and the Eden Project. cornwalllive. ShareWhich daily newspaper is published on pink paper? – TheJun 12, 2020 — The Financial Times turned pink in 1893 to distinguish itself from the similarly named Financial News. There was another, perhaps even more 

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